CPR trainingWelcome to 4 Minutes First Aid Training

A casualty can die in 4 minutes
You can be taught how to Save a Life in 4 minutes

Obviously you are not going to become a fully-fledged First Aider after just four minutes training; you need a full range of skills and repeated practice. However, simple, life-saving First Aid only takes minutes to learn - if you dial 999 because someone is dying in front of you, the Ambulance Control will talk you through the necessary skills. It really is that simple.

We are based in Maidenhead, Berkshire and provide First Aid Training courses in Berkshire, South Oxfordshire and South Bucks.

Depending upon our availability, we are happy to run courses outside of this area, but there may be an additional charge to cover travel costs. Do give us a call, however, as we partner with other First Aid Training Providers and may be able to recommend an organisation nearer to you.

First Aid is a practical skill and there is a strong practical element to our courses with plenty of time to practice and ask questions. Our First Aid Trainers are people who have practiced and are practicing what they preach and not approaching it from a theoretical or historic viewpoint.

Finally, as a small organisation, we do not have the rigidity of larger First Aid Training Organisations, but do have the flexibility to tailor a course to its recipients.

We do not provide First Aid cover for Events.

What First Aid Course is right for me?

First Aid At Work

If you are, or you employ an Appointed Person at work, there is no First Aid training required by Law. However, would you or your Appointed Person know what to do if something happened? Rather than taking a full-blown HSE First Aid course over three days, why not take our 4-hour 'First Aid for the Appointed Person' course which teaches the core skills that will be useful for a wide range of illnesses encountered. Similarly, if you currently put someone through a First Aid at Work course, do you actually need to expend the time and money on this? If your Company is small and in a low risk environment, then there may only be a requirement for an Appointed Person and he or she could take the aforementioned course instead.

Consult our Course Summary table and also the useful 'FAQ Page that has links to the relevant HSE pages for current Legislation.

First Aid At Home

Do you look after a child or baby whilst the parent(s) have to go out - to work or for pleasure? In this day and age it is increasingly common for grandparents to act as 'in loco parentis' whilst a single parent has to work, or both parents have to work. Would you know what to do if the child or baby started choking or fitting? We run a very short (2 hours) First Aid Course dedicated to the immediate care of children and babies. You get to practice on child and baby mannikins and ask what questions you want in a relaxed environment. Learn to save a life in just two hours. Click here to see details of the First Aid for Parents Course and to book.

Not convinced?

"We all went to the pub after and said how much we enjoyed it. It was perfect for our needs, just the right amount of information and your style was just what we were after. Highly recommended!"

Fiona Norman, Holyport

"V. Enjoyable Course which led to easy learning of the skills!"

Student on Appointed Person course, Iver, Bucks

"I found the 1/2 day training very informative and not at all boring. Well worth the 4 hours"

Student on Appointed Person course, Iver, Bucks

7th Grader has a Cardiac Arrest at School - saved by CPR and a defibrillator


Bondi Beach PR photoshoot interrupted by a Cardiac Arrest - saved by CPR and a defibrillator


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