Business Skills courses

As well as First Aid Qualifications, 4Minutes can also offer business skills courses through its links with ProTrainings. The HSE has recently approved the use of online training as a valid training method. Whilst some courses still need face to face attendance (e.g. First Aid at work), the HSE recognises that others can be achieved through the use of instructional videos presented by an expert in the subject.

Online videos have the advantage that you can fit them in around your schedule, there is no time or expense spent travelling to and from a venue and the cost of the course is a lot less.

The following courses are all available as online courses where you pay online, take the course and exam online, then once you have passed you can pring off your Certificate and CPD certificate (where applicable). Simples.

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Blended (mixture of online and classroom)
Fully Online

Risk Assessment Training Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment is a trainer led course that is delivered as a video online course. The course aims are to give an understanding of the importance of risk assessment and current applicable legislation, to promote awareness and understanding of what constitutes a hazard, to promote understanding of the 5 steps of carrying out a risk assessment, and to give an understanding of different control measures and how these might be implemented.
By the end of this session, candidates will understand the importance of risk assessment and current applicable legislation, understand what constitutes a hazard, understand the hierarchy of controls, and be able to carry out a risk assessment.
Presentation Skills Training Presentation Skills
Presentation skills are important in most business sectors and in all forms of training. Whether you are presenting a business case, sales, presenting to other colleagues or delivering a training course if yo have the key skills and plan your presentation you will get results.
This presentation skills course covers the key aspects of giving an effective and memorable presentations giving you confidence skills.
manual Handling Manual Handling
This is a recommended training programme for any employee or self-employed person who may be required to handle, carry, or move objects as part of their day-to-day work.
Manual Handling training is important in a wide range of businesses and vocations, but anyone who carries or moves objects may be at risk.
Fire Safety Fire Safety
Fire Safety Training is a required training program for many employees, self-employed persons or safety representatives. Our Fire Safety course covers all the required subjects in fire regulation, risk assessment, fire prevention, fire safety, evacuation, alarms and fire equipment.
It also meets meets HSE and Fire Regulator Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 recommendations for workplace and home.
Fire Warden Training Fire Warden Training Every business is responsible for appointing a person as a fire warden or marshal. This person's responsibilities include overseeing evacuations and equipment, organising practice evacuations and dealing with the authorities and emergency services.


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