Family First Aid courses for parents, grandparents and other relatives and babysitters

Family First Aid   This is a 4 hour course for anyone looking to be able to provide First Aid in the family environment. It covers dealing with child and adult problems (from febrile convulsions to heart attacks and strokes amongst other things). It is a good general purpose First Aid course allowing any family member to deal with issues occurring with all family members
Parent First Aid This is a 2 hour course just covering the First Aid needs of a baby or child. Ideal for new parents, grandparents or other family babysitters.
Custom course Do you have a specific need? For instance a child off on a round-the-world Gap Year - or perhaps off to University or College? 4Minutes can tailor a course just for your specific needs, we can hold it in the comfort of your own home and you can steer the syllabus to whatever you need to know.

Also see our 'First Aid for the Appointed Person' or 'Paediatric' courses if you want a broader range of skills or need it for work purposes. These courses are good for:

No babysitter? Need to feed? Don't worry. It is a very informal session. Please feel free to bring along your charges as well. They are more than welcome on the course. All we ask is:

  1. You let the Trainer know in advance
  2. They are your responsibility
  3. If they become distracting / noisy / need feeding or changing, you might want to take some Time Out with them outside the room in consideration of the other attendees.
  4. If they are old enough, encourage them to join in. You never know when it may come in handy!

If you are not sure what course you need, use 4Minute's Quick Guide

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