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Courses Available directly from 4 Minutes

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We now offer Blended courses. Blended courses are a mixture of Online Training and Classroom Training. You can complete the Online part at leisure and at times to suit you. Once you have passed, you can then register for the Classroom part. Courses can be available as Classroom only, Online only or Blended. Click on a course, below for further information.

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= Fully Online

 Workplace Courses

Appointed Person   This is for Businesses that do not need anyone with First Aid at Work, but feel that their Appointed Person should have some First Aid knowledge. It is an online only course
Emergency First Aid at Work This is for small and low risk Businesses
First Aid at Work This is the 3-day course for medium & large or high risk businesses
First Aid at Work Requalification . This is the 3-yearly qualification needed to maintain your First Aid at work Certification
First Aid at Work Refresher This is the HSE recommended annual skills update. Note that it does not extend your FAW certificate. To do that, you need to take the FAW requalification course.

Childcare Courses

Paediatric courses are for people looking after children from birth to puberty. If you are looking after children that have reached puberty, you may need an adult course such as the EFAW. If your children cover pre- and post-puberty, you may need two qualifications.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid Level 3 This is a 1-day entry level course for anyone looking after children but do not need the full 2-day OFSTED Paediatric course.
Typically this would be for Nannies and Au Pairs although babysitters, parents and gradparents would also find this course suitable
Paediatric First Aid
Level 3
This is the 2-day Ofsted, EYFS, CSSIW and SureStart compliant course. It is available as a 2-day course or a Blended course with the first day a video-based online course
Paediatric First Aid Refresher This is an Annual refresher for those that have the 2-day Peadiatric First Aid Certificate. It may be taken as a 3 hour online course or half day in the classroom
First Aid for Schools This is a 6 hour (1-day) course for teachers, assistants and club leaders to have a basic understanding of first aid techniques for conditions that they may encounter when looking after children. This course comes with 4 hours of CPD

Sports and Leisure

Sports First Aid   This is a 6 hour course for anyone looking to be able to provide Sports First Aid. Examples include coaches, Martial Arts Instructors, Parent helpers and Team Manangers. This course comes with 5 hours of CPD

Family and Home environment

Family First Aid   This is a 4 hour course for anyone looking to be able to provide First Aid in the family environment. It covers dealing with child and adult problems (from febrile convulsions to heart attacks and strokes amongst other things). It is a good general purpose First Aid course allowing any family member to deal with issues occurring with all family members
Parent First Aid This is a 2 hour course just covering the First Aid needs of a baby or child. Ideal for new parents, grandparents or other family babysitters.

Courses available from Pro Trainings

Pro Trainings is the Organisation that Certifies 4Minutes' courses. It also provides training in a number of other fields that 4Minutes currently does not provide. Click on any of the links, below, to find out more and to Book. Make sure that you use our Discount Code when Booking to get a better price!

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CPR and AED (Defibrillator)

TQUK Level 2 Award in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation (Blended Learning Module)
TQUK CPR & AED Level 2
CPR/BLS and AED Level 2
CPR & AED Level 2


TQUK Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (Blended Learning Module)
TQUK Emergency PFA Level 3
TQUK Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (Blended Learning Module)
TQUK PFA Level 3
Paediatric First Aid Annual Refresher
PFA Refresher
Recognising and Treating Anaphylaxis

Activity courses

First aid for all cycle users
First Aid for cyclists
First Aid for Martial Arts
First Aid for Martial Arts
First Aid Course for Sports Emergencies
First Aid for Sports

Pet care

First Aid & CPR for small and large pets
First Aid for pets
Canine First Aid
First Aid for dogs
Basic Tips for Caring for your Cat
First Aid for cats
Basic Tips for Caring for your Dog
Caring for your dog
Security Dog First Aid
First Aid for Security dogs

Food Safety

Level 1 Food Safety
Level 1 Food Safety
Legislation, Bacteriology, Contamination & Storage
Level 2 Food Safety

Business & Instructional

Training for Performing Risk Assessment in the Workplace
Risk Assessment Training
Education and Training Prep Course
Preparation for AET Course
Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills
Moving / lifting objects alone, with a partner, or with lifting aids
Moving and lifting
Preventing / Responding to Fire Emergencies
Fire Emergencies
Fire Wardens and Fire Marshal training
Fire Warden/Marshal training